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Turn your pup into a Greek fashionista with our 'Meandros' dog bandana! Featuring Greece's iconic Meander symbol, this accessory brings ancient charm to your furry friend's ensemble. Get ready for walks filled with history, style, and maybe a few jealous stares from other doggos!


SKU: 364115376135193
14,99 €Τιμή
    • 100% polyester
    • Painted by hand 
    • Handmade with love in Greece
    •  Triangle shape, no folding needed



    S/M : 40cm x 56,5cm x 40cm 

    L/Xl : 50cm x 70,7cm x 50cm


    Care Instructions:

    Machine washable. Iron in suggested temperature for polyester fabrics. Do not iron the label in high temperatures.

    PLEASE always monitor your pet, while wearing the bandana. FidoGR is not responsible for any damage caused to pet due to misuse.

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